2013 Annual Poster Conference Submission Guidelines

If you are considering making a poster this year for the SLA-ASIS&Tsc 2013 Annual Poster Conference, please follow the guidelines below. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase and share your hard work in the LIS program to improve your CV. Plus, the first prize winner will receive $200 and a full year’s membership to national SLA from one of our sponsors HPC-SLA.

Please submit posters in time for printing November 12-14.  Deadline for final submission is November 15, 2013!


1. Submissions are being accepted from LIs, ICS and CIS students who have taken an LIS course.

2. Your presentation may summarize any coursework or project (e.g. pathfinder, Bibliography plan, etc.), including internships, undertaken in the UHM LIS program, from this or a previous semester. You may present a group project; include the names of all group members on your presentation.

3. Poster authors are required to be available for presentation of your poster to answer questions and explain your research. Please plan to be near your poster for the entire time.

4. Posters are 36”x48” and should be mounted on foamcore.

Design and format:

  • Know your audience. Keep in mind that people will be seeing your poster that don’t have a  background in your field
  • Know the primary message you’re trying to get through to your audience.

Required Elements of your Poster:

  • Author/Title/Affiliation:
  • Title
  • Your Name
  • Instructor(s) Names
  • Department
  • Background/Introduction/Purpose (*Note: Class work is acceptable e.g. pathfinder, bibliography plan, etc.)
  • Methods, Materials, Techniques
  • Summary
  • Describe value of project
  • Acknowledgements

Other Important Information:

Brian Chee has agreed to let us use his plotter which prints (4′ x 3′) sheets

These sheets will be printed on News-stock so the colors won’t be as bright. If you want  better quality paper or you do not get it into him by 12pm on November 15, 2013 you will need to print it on your own.

You are responsible for mounting your poster on foam core or poster board (36” x 48”). Both are available from the UH Bookstore.

Awards will be given for selected posters at the Mini Poster Conference, based on the following criteria:

Clarity: Poster had a coherent and effective message

Layout and design: Poster was well organized and neat (aesthetic composition)

Content: Poster content was engaging and well planned

Readability: Poster was legible from five feet away


What to submit:

1. Create and submit your posters as a pdf file to Brian Chee for free Printing (make sure pdf file is set up for “print” (not for “screen” or “web”) and make sure any pictures are a high enough resolution to print for 3’ x4’.

2. In email body please include the following information:

  • Your name
  • Contact info – email and phone number
  • Title of your poster
  • Name and number of the class in which the work was done
  • Submit via email to sla.asist@hawaii.edu and Brian Chee at chee@hawaii.edu for free printing no later than November 12th.

Things to Keep in Mind

Your poster will be displayed for the entire duration of the conference. You are asked to be present at your poster for the duration of the conference.

It is likely that no matter what the focus of your LIS career, at some point you will need to demonstrate the value of particular service, project or even your job to your co-workers, supervisors, to a department or institution or at a conference. It makes sense to start doing this NOW.

Participation requires only a small amount of energy in addition to what you have already put into your particular project. Share the good work you’ve done!

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