Board Members

Faculty Advisor:
Dr. Rich Gazan

Board Members:

Casie Azuma, President
I started the program in fall 2016, interested in special libraries, archives and academic libraries. I like reading, doing puzzles, listening to music, watching movies, learning ASL (American Sign Language).

Laila Brown, Vice President

I am in my second semester in the LIS program. I have a B.A in Visual Anthropology and B.A. in International Relations. I currently intern at Hamilton Library and work as a patient care coordinator in a community health center. I’m most interested in special libraries–medical and art libraries–as disparate as those subjects are. I am honored to serve as VP of the SLA Student Chapter!

Valerie Shaindlin, Secretary

I have a B.S. in Management & Business (with two minors: International Affairs & Early Childhood Education) from Skidmore College. Currently, I work as a Graduate Assistant in Epidemiology at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center; I am also a yoga teacher. In my free time, I love to read, hike, cook/eat, and travel.

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Ellie Keola, Treasurer

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Ashley Kajioka, Webmaster

I graduated with a BA in art history in 2013. I am currently pursing an MLISc and graduate certificate in museum studies. I now work at Sinclair Library and Lama Library at KCC where I work mostly on the Hawaiian Music project and Open Educational Resources. I am also interning at Honolulu Museum of Art, working in the Arts of Hawai’i. My interest is in archives, special collections and museums. On my free time I love do anything at the beach, eating, drawing, and of course reading.

Previous Board Members:

Spring 2017 Board:
President: Amy Trimble
Vice-President: Jennifery Magdaloyo
Treasurer: Allyson Ota
Secretary: Casie Azuma
Webmaster: Ashley Kajioka
Fall 2016 Board:
President: Charlene Arthur
Vice-President: Amy Trimble
Secretary: Jennifer Magdaloyo
Treasurer: Allyson Ota
Webmaster: Ashley Kajioka

Spring 2016 Board:
President: Matthew Kanekoa
Vice-President: Amy Trimble
Secretary: Jane Lomboy
Treasurer: Charlene Arthur2015-2016 Board:
President: Matthew Kanekoa
Vice-President: Amy Trimble
Secretary: Jane Lomboy
Treasurer: Charlene Arthur