Special Libraries in Hawaii

bishop Bishop Museum Library and Archives is the premier place to experience the history, arts and culture of the Hawaiian people and has one of the most varied collections of materials concerned with Hawai‘i and the Pacific.



hmaThe Honolulu Museum of Art is dedicated to the collection, preservation, interpretation, and teaching of the visual arts, and the presentation of exhibitions, films  and videos, performing arts, and public programs specifically relevant to Hawai’i’s ethnically diverse community.




statearchivesThe State of Hawaii Archives have records and photographs date from the monarchy to the current legislative session, and also include the papers of individuals and organizations, photographs, maps, artifacts, rare books, 19th century newspapers.



shangrila2Shangri La is the Honolulu home of American philanthropist Doris Duke. Built in 1937, Shangri La houses an impressive collection of Islamic art and is considered one of Hawaii’s most architecturally significant homes.



Hapa Haole “Boat Days” & Hula (July 13, 2013)

Hapa Haole “Boat Days” & Hula (July 13, 2013)

The Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives (HMH) includes three restored houses, two of which are the oldest houses in Hawai’i, and a research archives which provides a unique glimpse into 19th-century Hawai’i both onsite and online. The extensive education programs expand the site’s relevance and positive impact on the community, and the visitor experience is further enhanced by an orientation center and a gift shop. The site was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965 and is accredited by the American Alliance of Museums since 1972 with re-accreditation earned in 2010. HMH is the business name of the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, a not-for-profit organization and genealogical society founded in 1852, and was formerly known as Mission Houses Museum.