Congratulations to our new Fall 2017 board!

SLA student chapter is pleased to announce our new board members for Fall 2017. Congratulations everyone!

Fall 2017 SLAsc Board Members:

President: Casie Azuma
Vice-President: Laila Brown
Secretary: Valerie Shaindlin
Webmaster: Ashley Kajioka
Treasurer: Ellie Keola

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Site Tour at Honolulu Museum of Art’s Lending Collection

SLAsc is thankful to have an opportunity to tour the Honolulu Museum of Art’s Lending Collection, which will be led by Archivist and Lending Collection Coordinator, Dawn Sueoka. The tour will take place Saturday, April 29th, from 9:00 – 10:00 a.m.
What is the Lending Collection?
The Lending Collection at HoMA is a free resource for island educators, where more than 13,000 tangible objects are held. Objects assist in arts and material culture education. Their primary audience consists of teachers, university instructors and professors, librarians, and coordinators for non-profit organizations and other cultural/artistic community projects.

For members interested in the tour, please email sla.uhlis [@] for more info. We would like to give a big Mahalo to Dawn and the Honolulu Museum of Art

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Join SLAsc on a tour at JABSOM Health Library!


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NOAA Tour Cancelled

Sorry to everyone who was looking forward to this event. Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled. Please keep visiting website for updated events. Plus check out our Facebook and Instagram (@sla.uhlis).


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Join SLA at NOAA Library on Oct. 21.

Join SLAsc and Librarian Thumy Webb at NOAA’s Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center Library on Friday, Oct. 21st, 2016.



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UH LIS Re-Accreditation Celebration

The UH LIS department marked the accomplishment of its ALA re-accreditation by holding a celebration attended by faculty, students, friends and alumni. Each of the student organizations contributed to the celebration in the form of decorations, food, leis, and a signed poster.

We heard from a wonderful speaker, former ALA president, Nancy Kranich, who shared valuable insights. She shared with us the importance of engaging our patrons. She mentioned that as librarians, we need to turn outward toward the community and realize goals for them–the community–not necessarily the institution.  Furthermore, she suggested identifying and acting on specific pockets of change to better the community and our institutions.

The celebratory ambience, the amazing food, inspiring talk, and the good company all combined to make a memorable afternoon. We, at the SLA student chapter, feel both blessed to be part of such an amazing educational program and honored to add to such a wonderful event. Congratulations UH LIS program!

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The Music Library Tour, Graduation and Beyond

Sinclair Music Library Tour

It is more than time to document the Sinclair Library Tour our SLA student chapter held in November. We had a good turnout and enjoyed an informative behind-the-scenes look at the UH Music Library and the Sinclair building itself. The library houses other programs not directly affiliated with the music library, like the Honors Program, the Writing Center, the First-Year program, and the Student Success Center, which aids in tutoring and class help. The Sinclair Library is truly a space dedicated to helping students.

The actual music library at UH is extensive, housing a wonderful Hawaiian Music Collection, which has a dedicated website for browsing. Much of it is stored in climate-controlled hidden stacks in the basement. Not all of the items have been recorded yet; the library staff is working hard on that project. The rest of the music collection is located on the air-conditioned third floor and houses sheet music, books, journals, and the audio-visual items and equipment.

The second floor of the library houses bound periodicals that were moved to Sinclair after the infamous flood in Hamilton Library in 2004. Unfortunately, that section of the library has jalousie windows open to the air that causes damage to the books. It was a great lesson as to challenges a library in a tropical climate faces, namely climate control and lack of space.

State Chapter Dinner

The state chapter dinner was held in early December and was of especial importance to our student chapter as two of our members are now board members at the state level. We congratulate Matthew Kanekoa as the new Vice-President/President Elect, and Charlie Arthur as the new Treasurer. Please see the state chapter’s website for more information.


And last for this semester, we send our fondest Aloha to our president, Monica Ames as she  graduates and moves on. We’re thankful for her service and wish her a successful future!

Hau’oli Makahiki Hou!

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Upcoming Event: Sinclair Music Library Tour

We hope to have you join us for a wonderful afternoon spent in the UH Music Library. We have the opportunity to meet our new music librarian, Peter Shirts, and learn about many of the collections stored at Sinclair Library.

The tour will start at 4pm on Wednesday, November 18th, 2015. We will meet on the first floor of Sinclair Library. We’ll have a Q&A session following the tour. Further information can be found on the flyer below.

Screen Shot 2015-11-12 at 10.43.47 PM

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“Challenge Yourself to Make Things Better”

IMG_0992  The panel discussion at the SLA-HPC fall event on August 28, 2015, was full of wisdom, great advice, and many interesting topics for the lens of librarianship. The event was well attended by LIS students, faculty and library professionals in a variety of areas.

The event started off with great food and a chance to mingle and network with other professionals and led to the panel discussion inside Chaminade University’s Sullivan Family Library. The panel consisted of three heads of important library organizations: Dr. Irene Herold-University Librarian at UH Manoa, Stacey Aldrich-State Librarian of Hawaii, and Susan Shaner-Hawaii State Archivist. IMG_0981All panelists shared struggles, current topics of interest, and advice related to their particular organizations. The following details a few highlights of the evening:

  • Dr. Irene Herold shared insights related to the academic library environment. She noted the trend toward Open Access resources and its importance, especially as federal grants are now mandating open access requirements in order to gain funding. She also shared her thoughts on future trends in terms of short, mid- and long-term goals. The topics included: increasing the value of the user’s experience, multi-content and delivery (short term), evolving scholarly records and research data management (mid-term), and research content and rethinking the library space (long term). Dr. Herold shared information regarding digitization, cultural heritage mandate (knowledge creation and storage), copyright, and legislation of knowledge sharing and access. One last thought noted from her talk, included the significance of thinking broadly about needs and changes. How can information be presented in ways not yet perceived? New formats will ultimately lead to new connections.
  • The quote, which acts as the title for this post, comes from Susan Shaner’s talk. She began by explaining the purpose of the state government archive; she described how the organization is mandated by law to make and keep archives to then make those records available for the public. She then shared the statement, “challenge yourself to make things better.” With this quote she shared her experience of pushing for change in her organization. The records, when she first arrived, were all in paper format (none of which were even acid-free). She noted that change was needed, but it took many years and much persistence to overcome hurdles. Her advice included persistence, forward thinking as to what will be needed in the future (historical importance, etc.), education and preparation (both of employees and superiors), the need for comfort with technology and strong interpersonal communication skills–including ability to talk “IT speak.” She shared a few current issues like retention of employees once they received certain training, the difficulties of digital technologies (easy to created/difficult to keep), the question of social media and whether or not to save it, and last, the worry of commercialization of access including the selling of public records.
  • Stacey Aldrich focused her presentation on advice and current issues for thought. She spoke of the need for futurists, or those who could think outside the librarian’s realm of understanding–the need for a change in perspective. This included scenario planning, or forward thinking, similar to what Ms. Shaner spoke about. Other issues facing current libraries she said included external impacts such as collecting/preserving/connecting/creating/conversing and how to mesh all of these principles. She also touched on the question of whether to own or lease content and the issue of access being gone if you do not own it. She brought up the question of the social contract of government–what should everyone have access to? Also, privacy, fluency and rapid change were other hot topics she implied needed to be looked at in the near future. Ms. Aldrich also spoke a great deal on the need of connection. She said we need to “be in control of our data to tell our stories.” Lastly, she shared a list of traits needed for future leaders:
    • Resilient Learner
    • Searcher for Opportunities
    • Optimistic
    • Creative
    • Good with Data (to demonstrate the difference made)
    • Good Storytellers
    • Community Builders
    • Future and Forward Thinker
    • Designers; “Builders and designers of human connection”

Overall, the event was a success and a pleasure to attend. Our student chapter is grateful for the leadership and organization of our state chapter for putting together such a wealth of information. We look forward to the next adventure!

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New Student Orientation – August 19th, 2015

SLA student chapter would like to send out a hearty “WELCOME” to the newly admitted LIS students! We look forward to meeting everyone at orientation and throughout the coming year.

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